Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A tale of two love affairs...

Steve Potts...artist, craftsman, visionary, fly fisherman, and all around nice guy built this for me 17 years ago and it remains my most treasured cycling possession to this day. With memories of the WTB-equipped Potts and Cunninghams drooled over during a visit to the long since gone Pt.Reyes Bikes still fresh in my head, I gave Steve a call and talked bikes for the better part of an hour. At the time I was riding a Wicked Fat Chance, tricked out with every hot rod part available, including the then new and rare, Rock Shox. I had quite a few bucks sunk into that bike and was newly married, so prospects of me getting on a Potts were grim...or so I thought. Talking over dinner with my bride that evening, I mentioned my conversation with Steve and she immediately asked "Aren't those the pretty bikes with the cool brakes we saw in California?" When I answered in the affirmative she then uttered the words I'll never forget..."Why don't you get one?" After regaining my composure, I asked her if she was kidding and she assured me she was in fact, quite serious!

The next few hours were a blur, phone calls to my LBS, another great, but long since gone shop, Breaking Away Cycles on Long Island. Over the succeeding weeks there were several conversations with Steve regarding the build spec and after about 6 weeks, this beauty was delivered. I've owned many bikes before and since but this one remains, and always will. It's a beautiful bike and it rides like a dream but to me it will always represent the selflessness and support displayed by my wife, then and now.
I titled this post "A tale of two love affairs", one for the bike and the other for the woman I share my life with.

Happy Valentine's Day Susie.