Thursday, October 29, 2009

As fate would have it.

We've always had dogs, Labs specifically. Big surprise, I know. For a while now my wife and I have been thinking about rescue/adoption but hadn't really moved beyond the conversation stage. As fate would have it, the little guy pictured here basically landed in our laps. (We're not certain what his bloodlines are exactly, definitely some German Shepherd, possibly Rhodesian Ridgeback, Viszla or Pit Bull) Charlie, as we've named him was rescued from the streets by Happy Tails Rescue in Morrisville, PA (big props) and fostered by a coworker of my wife. Coincidentally, my kids are taking horseback riding lessons from the daughter of this fantastic lady and as fate would have it, Charlie was visiting the stables during a lesson. There was an instant connection and once I discovered he was being fostered, the wheels began to turn quickly. As fate would have it, Charlie was available for adoption and our application was approved, he's been with us since Monday.Take a look at the pics, in the first taken on October 3 , Charlie had just come off the streets weighing 12 pounds. In the second pic, taken October 26, Charlie had just come home with us at hit the scales at 32 pounds!!! He's a sweet, gentle little guy and he's adjusting to life in the nuthouse just fate would have it.

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