Monday, March 1, 2010

Finally, Fargo.

It's been quite a while since I mentioned my acquisition of a Salsa Fargo. During the ensuing months, the build was stalled by the holidays, incompatible parts and more snow than I've seen in I don't know how long. Anyway, it's finally done. Still tweaking and dialing to be done and I'm not sure if the Woodchipper bars are staying or being replaced by my tried and true Midge. One thing that's definitely going is the ugly Shimano bashguard, to be replaced by a somewhat less obtrusive Salsa model.

This bike seems to look more mountain bike-like(say that 5 times fast) than most Fargos I've seen. This probably is due largely to a 5'4" rider with a 49.5cm shoulder width and some lower back issues on 29" wheels and drop bars.


fatbob29r said...


Looks good... what is it about the woodchippers you don't care for? I've got a set that I'm running on the frankenfixie that are treating me pretty well.

100% with you on the bash guard. I had a guy here in austin make me one (he's on MTBR too, just forgot his handle). His name is Russell and his email is
I can't remember what he charges, but it's very reasonable IMO, and he'll etch you name or whatever you want on the guard, plus will give you a bottle opener on it.

Hope you get some good adventures on the Fargo, I'll be watching for a report

Chris said...

The Woodchippers are growing on me. Initially, I wasn't sure about the lack of flare and the length of the drops but we're getting along nicely.

I've swapped in a lower rise stem, I may go with a shorter reach as well but I'm going to wait until I drop the winter pounds to decide for certain. I also changed bash guards to a Salsa Tooth Fairy, I may check out the name you gave me though.

Definitely hoping to rack up some miles and smiles this season.

fatbob29r said...


Almost a year since the last post, don't tell me you've given up the blog in favor of "FB"!! If so at least friend me ;)

Hope you're well and just too busy with the family and getting your ride on to write.